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31 Nebraska Rd, Dennes Point, Bruny Island. Tasmania .

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-It is nearly 100 kms long from the tip of Dennes Point to the tip of Cape Bruny.
-It is named after a FRENCH explorer, Antoine Raymond Joseph de Bruni d’Entrecasteaux (8 November 1737 – 21 July 1793) was a French naval officer, explorer and colonial governor.
-We have a Gourmet Trail with Cheese, wines, oysters, salmon, cherries, game, fudge,seafood, and berries. The 600-odd permanent islanders are arguably the most spoilt gourmets in the country with all this on their doorsteps!
-Truganini, thought to be one of the last full blood Tasmanian Aboriginals, was born on Bruny Island in 1812. She was the daughter of Mangana, the chief of the Bruny Island people.
-Every year, in the last weekend of November, Bruny Island hosts an International Ultra marathon run from top to bottom, some 64kms. The current fastest time by a Solo Male – Colin Oliver- is 4hrs:12mins:33seconds! Just as well they run from North down to the South!
– The wildlife is abundant, many of them rare and not often spotted anywhere else- Bennetts Wallabies, Spotted Quolls, Golden Brush Tail possums. The Islands’ famous White Wallabies, Fairy Penguins at dusk, or the many rare and endangered species of bird such as the Forty Spotted Pardalote
-In the sea, we have Whales, Orca, Seals, dolphins and great white sharks, all to be seen from one of the cruises on swift, purpose built vessels that show visitors the surprises of the waters surrounding Bruny Island.